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Do you feel a strong connection to writing? Does the field of technology pique your interest? Are you interested in contributing your writing to online blogs? We are pleased to provide you with a venue in which you may pursue your interests.

We want people who are enthusiastic about technology to write for us as guest bloggers! Writing is next, and in addition, we will coach you on how to improve your writing abilities.

Take some time to read the criteria if you are interested in participating in this chance; else, you should not waste your time.

Guidelines For Guest Blogging

  • The word count for posts should range anywhere from 500 to 800.
  • The title needs to have some originality and be memorable
  • Your submission needs to be in Microsoft Word doc format.
  • Please attach the photographs to the message in a separate file.
  • Be sure to mention where you got your ideas or your inspiration.
  • Once the content has been uploaded, it becomes the property of the blog, and you will no longer be allowed to publish it on any other website.


  • If your blog is accepted, it will be made public under your name.
  • The blog clearance procedure usually takes one week from start to finish.


  • We will evaluate the piece based on fundamental writing abilities such as grammar and punctuation, among other things.
  • We also analyze the Images that were utilized.
  • If we make significant alterations, we will consult with you first before publishing it.

Putting In Your Blog Submission

  • It will take one week for us to process the blog post once it has been submitted to us.
  • Which of the following should you email first?
  • A Microsoft Word document that contains the blog’s actual content (also put the images so we know the placement as per your prose)
  • A picture file that includes all of the photographs that you wish to be shown on the blog in particular (if any)
  • A text file with a biography of the author along with a picture
  • The URLs for your various social media profiles, including Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus
  • Therefore, begin working on your ideas, and then send us an email with your topic. If everything is okay, you can move on with the blog.

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