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What You Should Know About Wide Plank Flooring?

Most houses benefit from the conventional, classic look of wide plank wood flooring. Combine the flooring with modern pieces in a living room or family room for a beautiful blend of rustic and polished. You may go with the rarest of all goods, original salvaged broad plank flooring. You might also install new broad plank wood flooring. The broad plank style is also available in more widely accessible and less costly laminate, tile, and luxury vinyl varieties.

What Exactly Is Wide Plank Flooring?
True broad plank wood flooring was sawn to size at a sawmill and then manually scraped or planed to smooth off the roughness. This provides the flooring an appealing, rough-hewn appearance that is lacking in many modern wood flooring. Genuine broad plank from warehouses and barns is sometimes plagued by industrial-type issues: encrusted with oil, splintered beyond belief, and too rough for the household.

A alternative product is less unusual and more affordable: salvaged broad plank flooring. This is often timber that originated as something else, was reused, and then chopped down into plank size. Finally, a number of flooring producers provide new, completely smooth plank flooring that may be left smooth or machine-distressed or manually distressed to give it an old, aged, and battered appearance.

Options Reclaimed
Wide plank flooring does have defects that come with the territory, such as gaps and rough texture, and you must accept this as part of your daily life. Finally, true broad plank flooring that originated as flooring is a real showstopper and an unrivalled discussion piece. If you are doing ultra-premium, architect-driven house renovation or new-construction work, it is definitely worth the price.

However, most salvaged wood flooring is unique. Homeowners looking for recovered wide plank wood flooring sometimes believe they will be acquiring flooring planks salvaged from an ancient structure. While the recovered item will almost likely be ancient, it may or may not have been flooring originally. Other parts of structures have sometimes been removed and trimmed down to size to mimic flooring boards.

One common material that is altered to seem like antique, broad plank flooring is barn siding. If the exterior of the wood is too worn for internal use, the siding is turned over and the inside of the previous barn is utilised. After that, the timber is machined to board length and breadth. Tongues and grooves are also added during the milling process.

Consider the following facts about buying and installing genuine plank flooring before choosing old-growth wide plank flooring. Genuine broad plank flooring is a one-of-a-kind item. It’s not on the shelves of your local Home Depot or Lumber Liquidators. Many local flooring merchants even make it tough to special-order.

When you view genuine wood wide plank flooring, you realise how authentically rough-hewn real plank flooring is. However, a new form of home-ready plank flooring has emerged in recent years. It is smooth plank or plank that has been mechanically distressed (or hand-scraped) to provide the appearance of an ancient floor while avoiding the difficulties associated with old floors.

Orders for bespoke plank flooring that are exceptionally lengthy (above 10 feet) may need a two-month lead time and are highly expensive. The entry-level pricing is high, and costs rise quickly from there. Shorter planks between 4 and 8 feet long, on the other hand, will have a quicker turnaround time with suppliers.

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