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Advantages of Garage Air Conditioning

Adding air conditioning to your garage will not only make it more comfortable in the summer, but it will also help you save money on your home’s air conditioning. When you chill your garage, it helps to keep the rooms around it colder as well. For instance, if you have an attic space above your garage that struggles to keep cool in the summer, eliminating the heat from the bottom area of the garage will make a significant impact.

Other interior rooms benefit as well, and it may eventually reduce your energy bills. The pocket of air within your garage may assist restrict the absorption of external heat into your home in the same way that insulation inhibits warm air from invading your house. Hot air eventually flows into your house via a shared wall or door in an uncooled garage, boosting inside temperatures and pushing your air conditioner to work harder.

However, if you believe that your home’s central air-conditioning system may be utilised to chill your garage, proceed with care.

Be Wary of Central Air Conditioning

Do not, under any circumstances, utilise the home air conditioning system to chill your garage. This may seem to be a sensible option, and many homeowners have tried to extend central air conditioning into a garage by simply running ducting down the side of the house and into the garage.

It’s a horrible idea for a number of reasons:

Typically, your garage will not have an air return back into the HVAC system, and when a central air duct is extended into a garage, it might cause anomalous pressurisation. Because the air in the garage cannot return to the air return, the remainder of the house becomes significantly depressurized. While this difference in pressure cannot be felt, save for a tiny wind when the garage door is opened, it causes complications. Negative pressure in your house must be eased in some way, and the most common way is for your home to pull air in from outside. Because outside air avoids the HVAC filtration system, contaminants and allergens accumulate inside. 1 It also makes it more difficult to keep your house cool since there is a steady flow of warm air flowing in from outside.

Another significant disadvantage of connecting the whole house air conditioner to the garage is the possibility of toxic gases entering your home via the ducting.

Whether you’re working on the mower or simply warming up the vehicle, your garage is full with fumes at all times. Some of these have an unusual odour, while others, such as carbon monoxide from exhaust, may be fatal.

Garage Air Conditioner Dimensions

The best answer for cooling the garage is to install a basic space air conditioner, but establishing the correct size is crucial. Many folks install air conditioners in their garages only to be disappointed when they learn that they do not adequately cool—all because they did not know how to size their units. Based on its construction, every ductless air conditioner, whether a window unit or a portable one, can only cool a limited amount of area. British Thermal Units (BTUs) are used to quantify how much heat an air conditioner can remove from a confined environment.

The size of your garage is the first step in determining the correct air conditioner size. If you have a normal two-car garage, it should be around 20 feet wide by 20 feet deep. According to Energy Star, a 400-square-foot area like this needs a 9,000 to 10,000 BTU air conditioner. Using a BTU calculator is a simple method to determine how big a unit you require, however these suggestions may need to be tweaked significantly. If your garage is significantly covered by tall trees, for example, a little smaller air conditioning unit may suffice; a garage that receives direct sunlight from dawn to sunset may need a somewhat larger unit.

Think about where you’ll install the unit. Ductless air conditioners perform best when situated away from corners and closer to the middle of the room. A window at the middle of the garage wall should enough for a window air conditioner. A portable air conditioner provides you more options, but it may still wind up against a wall to conserve room (which is OK).

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